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Yes, an abundance of vid posts lately, but fuck it! Olli is back from Ibiza!

The vid, for those who are not familiar with it, is from Verbotene Liebe, a German soap opera that currently features a gay couple, Christian and Olliver, as one of their major storylines. In typical fashion, I have absolutely no idea what happens on the show outside of my favorite pairing. :-P

P.S.-Don't ask me about that dance; I have no idea, either!

Rachel <3

Confession time: I never really *got* the appeal of Rachel Maddow at all.

Until now:

Marry me Rachel! (in Connecticut.)

And as for you, Illinois Politics: OMGWTF??!!


Acoustic Lady Gaga FTW!

OK, this right here is what Lady Gaga needs be doing ALL THE TIME FOREVER AND EVER.

Don't get me wrong; Over-produced shiny latex thumpa-thumpa has its place, but she just rips it up here. And you can tell that she's totally into it. Brilliant!

And the hair bow is slammin'!


watch this space.

This journal is being revamped. This means that sometime in the *near* future, there will actually be posts!

leo d: "another piece of cute meat"

Yep. Cute Meat. God, did he actually say this??!! Hilarious!

When Leonardo Dicaprio was with "supermodel" Giselle Bundchen, did they argue over who was more objectified, I wonder? 

Leo wants you to stop staring at his ass!

OK, so my most fondest wish, even beyond having less than 25% body fat and having boobs that scoff at gravity, is to rid myself of credit card debt.




here we are. now, entertain us.

So I'm all about goals in 2007, and one of my goals is to actually use my LJ, so from now until I get bored with this, people will have the opportunity peek inside my churning psyche and feel like they are really a part of the rather mundane life of a total stranger. Plus, this gives me something to do at work.

Anywho, a "100 Things" list was the most cliche first post I could come up with, so here ya go.

100 (and 1)Things That You Must Know About kamykami Right Now!

1. My birthday is July 1, which is Canada Day.
2. I’m not Canadian.

moreCollapse )